Season One
Season One, Episode
First Aired January 11, 2012
Episode Guide
 Season One is the first season for Ilovehunterclarington's fanfic Glee: The New Generation.




Guest StarsEdit


Title Original Airdate
1. "Pilot" January 11, 2012

Plot: Former New Directions member, Santana Lopez started to miss New Directions and Brittany. She decided to visit Lima, Ohio and visit Brittany and William McKinley High School. When she went along with Brittany on a club where one member was left behind, this leads to their break up and this leads to Santana to make a glee club.

Title Original Airdate
2. "Auditions " January 17, 2012

Plot: Santana starts her own glee club, Looks like she will get into a fight between Skye Morris and Tiffany Smith. Meanwhile after the fight Tiffany and Skye are both punished in different way. Preston BenzFranklin MontgomeryAaron Wright and Taylor Johnson are also part of the club.

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